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50 books for 2009: The Reading Challenge

Ok if’ you’ve taken notice of my LibraryThing list at the side of  my blog, you’ll see I’ve been neglecting my reading. The Inheritance of Lost has been marked “Currently Reading” for far too long. The funny thing is that it’s actually going well. But I’ve had a bit of distractions on the home front that’s keeping me from doing “me” things. Got to work on that.

Anyway I discovered the 50 book challenge on LibraryThing (my nerdy pleasure site), and I think I’m going to try it. I used to read a lot, and quickly. I need to return to that; TV is such a  poor replacement.

I have a few options in my library at home, and my roommate has some in hers, plus there’s the national library. So I think I’ll have enough books.

So I’ll keep you posted. I know it’ll be hard, with my triathlon training and crazy job and all, but we’ll see. Life is about challenges anyway.



  eBookGuru wrote @

The 50 Book challenge sounds like fun. I will have to check it out. Since I review a lot of eBooks, I will be at 5 fiction books so far in the past 2 weeks. 45 to go 🙂


  youcouldbelievethis wrote @

Ooh showoff..LOL That’s great as long as I do a book a week I’ll be glad.

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