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sarah-jessica-parker-alexander-mcqueen-sex-and-the-city-london-premiereI don’t know why we stopped wearing hats in the Caribbean. Our weather seems designed for headpieces, especially in this era of global warming. I especially love them as a Sunday outfit; one of these days I’m going to wear one to church.

I think we should bring them back. Not simply for frivolous reasons, but because they are practical.

Here’s why:

  • They keep you comfortable whatever the weather. They keep you cool when it’s hot or warm when it’s cold.
  • They’re gorgeous! OK, it’s really easy to pick a crappy hat, or make one for that matter. But it’s just as easy to pick millinery gold, just don’t make this mistake.
  • I love the idea of the facinator or cocktail hat. Since Sex and the City, every body’s into expensive CFM pumps and party dresses, but a cocktail hat could be thing that sets you apart from the clones. I really love the idea of a mini top-hat or a mini-bowler, and Christmas is coming up so I may get the chance to try it out.
  • What could beat a straw hat at the beach or when watching the kiddies play dey mas, especially if sun-damage isn’t your thing?  A lame baseball cap simply won’t do, but this straw cowboy hat just might.
  • The government has invested in the local fashion industry by setting up a degree at The University of Trinidad and Tobago. Perhaps they should have a course or associate degree in millinery, they already have handbag design (great start). Could you imagine the entrepreneurial potential for Caribbean Milliners? Maybe we could produce our own Philip Treacy (love him, looove his hats).

Speaking of Mr. Treacy, the designer of the headpiece SJP wears in the above pic, people don’t know how to react the hat he designed for her. Reportedly Alexander McQueen who is the designer of the dress she’s wearing disowned it. But I can’t see why, I think they complement each other perfectly. I think McQueen might have been jealous of the competition.

Designer drama aside, I admit they aren’t for the faint hearted, but I’m thinking I need to step-up my fashion game up, and hats might be the flick. I’m not making any promises, just wanted to let you know where my head was at.


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