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Vicky’s Vogue

My favourite fashionista is on the cover of Vogue India in a sari. I’m a little conflicted with my relationship with fashion  magazines, including Vogue. I’ve touched on my feelings about that magazine before, but this cover would make me buy the mag.

Vogue India got into some trouble a few months ago for putting  expensive clothes on poor people. Many criticised the magazine for being exploitative. I have to say I agree with those arguments, I think the photo-spread was and still is in poor taste. But Sameer Reddy,  a former features editor at Vogue India, argues that is not the case. He says the photo spread is no different to what western magazines have been doing for years.

But back to the cover, I have a bias towards Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham. I love that she’s a fan and connoisseur of fashion. She’s one of the few who really acts like fashion is a form of artistic expression. So even when she makes mistakes, I like what she was trying to do. Which isn’t to say we have similar tastes, but I like how she thinks.


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