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Why I Watch Tyler Perry’s Films

I just finished watching “Daddy’s Little Girls”, and I can’t wait for “The Family That Preys” to open. I confess I love Tyler Perry’s films.

I watched “Daddy’s Little Girls” on Sunday, with the sound of my brother’s condescending comments in the background. Unfortunately for him, his comments didn’t diminish my fun, and he was drawn into the drama against his better judgement.

I like to watch movies, I like to watch movies I relate to. Movies that explore the human experience in new ways are my preference. Having said that, I suspect Tyler is a one trick pony, but I going to continue to support his films.

Why, because they deal with topics often ignored in the mainstream. He features thinking that is easier for me to recognise than what I’d find elsewhere. Tyler’s success illustrates a theme we’re exploring in Trinidad & Tobago’s media landscape. People who aren’t accustomed to seeing themselves on TV (movies, film, radio, whatever), will welcome the company that does that. Hence Tyler Perry’s dramatic rise to success.

If I want to see some of my favourite actresses on the big screen, I have to watch Tyler’s movies. Kimberly Elise, Gabrielle Union, Cicely Tyson, Angela Bassett, have all have starred in his films.

Who else is going to hire Robin Givens to star in their film? She’s a good actress, besides she has gift for bitchiness that needs to be showcased. Hopefully this movie will prove that she’s still relevant as an actress. If it isn’t Robin, its Kimberly, or Tracee.

The same  goes for the men. If I want to see black men be romantic and sexy on camera, I need to watch Tyler’s movies. Idris Elba, Richard T. Jones, Boris Kadjoe and Malik Yoba, yum!

As much as I love his movies, I can’t always defend them. My recommendations always come with a caveat. Tyler prefers to tell rather than show. In the preview for “The Family That Preys” Cole Hauser character is the obvious villain, but does he need to bite his lower lip and touch Sanaa’s shoulder in that lecherous manner, at her wedding…in front of her husband? No, but in a Tyler Perry film, he would ( check out the scene, it’s in the preview). He prefers the obvious, to the subtle. In “Why Did I Get Married?”, Richard T Jones plays Mike, who’s married to Jill Scott’s Sheila. Yes we know he’s having an affair with her best friend, but who the hell would leave their wife to drive to a log cabin in a remote winter mountain camp, while he takes the flight with her best friend (d’horner women)? Dat ent believable, no how, no way! That’s the kind of crap you have to put up with in Typer Perry’s movies.

What I really hope, is that more black filmmakers will get the opportunity to produce films that add variety to what Hollywood puts out. But not just black films, Latin, Asian, you know represent all of America, instead of just one segment. So all actors get a fair chance to succeed, and explore their craft. And I get to see the best of all worlds on screen.


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