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I Miss Girlfriends

There are few shows on television I watch with a cast that sort-of represents my world. OK, that’s a misnomer. What I mean is there are few options on TV with a cast of women who share my fashion, culture shock, bougie-girl problems. I found that on the CW’s Girlfriends.

I don’t relate completely, I’m not a materialistic, openly desperate to get married, nympho, cheat. And I’m not American. But I loved Girlfriends.

It didn’t pander to me. It just presented these four lives that were tied together through experience and history. Nothing was sacred, these girls hurt each other, and did stuff that could, and did end friendships. It was funny, it was stylish, but it was also sweet.

I watch it now on repeats, but stupid BET keeps changing the schedule. I wish they’d show Girlfriends during the time they give to the Parkers (words can’t express how much I hate that show). Much better viewing.

The funny thing is, I ignored Girlfriends when it debuted. I thought it would be a poorly, produced, scripted, and acted sitcom for the American American community, and it wasn’t. Since I got onto the Girlfriends train, I’ve brought a lot of my friends on-board, and then those bastards ended the series. Badly.

Fortunately Mara Brock Akil and Kelsey Grammer have teamed up to produce The Game,  a spin-off from Girlfriends. It’s not bad. Actually, it’s quite good, but it’s not Girlfriends.



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  anonyjw wrote @

Girlfriends is good stuff… some of the episodes do a lot to highlight some of the challenges we face as young women and men today.

From what I’ve seen, it tends to show after midnight.

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