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The Silly Things I’m Into…

I’m into silly music at the moment. Beat heavy, pop-based, R&B party jams that make you want to get all dolled-up to hit the club and get-on sweaty.

So I’m loving Lloyd’s “Girls Around the World” jam. I’m not too sure about the video, but homeboy’s hair is slamming! Anyway, once this song comes on the radio, I’m turning the radio up and singing along. Makes my day instantly!

Can I make a suggestion; Lloyd, sing as many songs as possible with Lil Wayne, cause I was loving your first collabo just as much.

Since I mentioned him…I have no shame; when Lollipop plays, the radio gets louder, and I get happier.

And then there’s the Dream. I love all three released songs off his album. Falsetto is the sexist thing I’ve heard in a while, “talking all that shit, soon as I hit…”

But this is my new favourite.

And I’ve been Sprung on T-pain since this came out. But I loved, “Buy You a Drank” so much my friend has it on her phone as the ring tone for my calls…LOL

Cassie’s “Long Way 2 Go” has a fantastic beat. I thought it would have been way more popular than it has. Still love it, and is that Ryan Leslie in the video? Sneaky cameo.

Thank God for Ebony 104fm



  anonyjw wrote @


Went to the T-Pain/Keisha Cole concert and it was really good.

I haven’t watched BET or MTV in a while, but I hear Falsetto on the radio all the time (E104 for life!)

Cassie always plays late at night when I’m getting back home from liming… I roll up the glasses, turn on the AC and pump up the volume…

  youcouldbelievethis wrote @

BET is playing a lot of music videos now at night…so I treat it like radio, I’ll have the TV one while I’m on the computer and if I hear a song I like I’ll go to the TV…MTV plays videos in the morning, but you get a lot of crap. The order of preference is BET J, Vh1, BET then MTV.

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