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It’s in the Jeans

I think denim is the best thing to happen to the fashion world. They’re so stylish, comfortable and convenient. Ideally every woman should have five pairs of jeans.

  1. The casual knock-about pair of jeans in a light blue or stonewash bootcut. It can be dressed up or down. As a soon to be university student…I need to replace this staple in my wardrobe.
  2. Dressy jeans for nights on the town, dark-wash straight leg jeans. Some come with a metallic thread inter-woven into the material, so there a bit of a sparkle. That helps it make the transition to nightwear easilyt. I’m not so fond of the metallic jeans in the day, but it can be done. Indigo washes can dress up any style of jean…I like straight leg best in dark washes.
  3. Trouser-cut jeans are my new favourite! I think everyday should be casual Friday, and these jeans help me fulfil that mandate. Of course dark wash helps keep it dressy. Actually I only have one pair of jeans in my closet now ( the result of a ridiculously rapid weight gain) and it’s trouser-cut.
  4. Skinny-jeans are a great new shape for all sizes. I think on bigger girls, they’re best used the way you’d dress with leggings. That is with larger tops that cover your derriere, especially if they bunch-up at the ankles. Slimmer girls could wear them with close fitting tops. I have a bias for dark washes, but I have seen some that look really great in ligther colours.
  5. White jeans are great! I don’t have, but I want so badly. I love the idea of a trouser-cut jean in white, though bootcut might be a more traditional option. Skinny jeans look really fresh in white. The biggest issue with white jean is the weight of the denim, if you’re a bigger girl, get a pair with some heft in it, once it fits well it won’t make you look bigger. And I live in the West Indies so we could wear white jeans all year round, and you don’t see a lot of people in them. They dress up really easily. If you don’t have white jeans in your closet, consider them. Cleaning them shouldn’t be an issue, either dry clean or use good old fashion blue soap to keep them bright.

As much as I love jeans, I’m having problems getting jeans to fit. What I’ve been told is that you have to try on a lot of styles to find your ideal pair. When you find your ideal pair, but two and hem one to wear with flats, and leave the other for your heels. Also, buy them as tight as possible. Why, because jeans stretch, a lot. Right now I need to take my jeans in for that very same reason so that it will fit me properly.

I love denim skirts too. I have a casual A-line skirt, but I’m looking for a dark-wash pencil-cut denim skirt. it fits with my dressy casual style. I once had a pair a leather-trimmed denim mules from Unisa. I wore those things to death.

Where price is concerned, I don’t buy into the expensive jeans BS…some of the best fitting jeans I ever owned were pretty cheap. LEI did more good things to my derriere than Donna Karen or Calvin Klein ever could, so I ent taking that expensive denim chain-up ever again. These days it’s a lot easier in some respects to get great jeans that fit, more and more companies are considering designs for women with curves, a welcome option.

I plan to start working on my denim wardrobe ASAP. What can I say, fashion makes me happy. Oh for a little fashion inspiration here’s an interview with a fed-up jeans wearer who took matters into her own hands, and became a millionaire business owner.

The one denim style I haven’t bought into? Coloured jeans, ick.


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