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Vandals broke into Our Lady of Montserrat Roman Catholic church in Tortuga on Friday 15. They opened the tabernacle and stole the ciborium filled with consecrated hosts. They also made off with several bottles of alter wine. The thieves left a “ransom note” it read:

“Want Jesus? We want $20,000 by tomorrow Saturday 16. We wonder how much you believe that is him. If not we would just throw him away. We would contact one of your church people.”

Monsignor Christian Pereira called the break-in, “a grossly disrespectful act”.

The break-in happened while parish priest Fr. Steve Duncan was off the island attending an ordination ceremony in Petit Martinique. He says “It is a gloomy day in Trinidad and Tobago, when we have to witness banditry of this nature; where there is no thought for things sacred. It is sad indeed.”

This is not the first time a house of worship has been desecrated. Vandals broke the murtis of a Hindu temple in Cunupia, and our famed Temple in the Sea has been targeted as well. Its murtis were smashed and thrown all over the place. Someone spray painted the words Pigsty on the newly painted walls on the Nazarene church in Santa Cruz.

I can only ask, why? Why are you so insecure in your beliefs that you must attack and disrespect another’s? What purpose does it serve?

Now is a good time to start praying for the strength to forgive.


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  wakeupscared wrote @

I have to say I hate it when people do these sorts of things; it’s so pointless and destructive; I think, in time, they will get their comeuppance.

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