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I Not Playing Mas Eh…

But all yuh see Tribe costumes? Dey reeal nice. Last year dey costumes were crap, but this year dey real improve! As usual de band practically sell out already!!! Typical excited nonsense. If I playing mas next year, and it’s a big IF, I’ll try and get mine off Carnival Junction come December. Otherwise I ent business. But dey costumes nice!

My favourites are:

African Love bird

Green Honey Creeper

And Spangled Cotinga

Aren’t they gorgeous? Unfortunately the entire band is sold out.

But, there is Islandpeople, everyone has told me how fantastic their launch was.

Look ting! I’m not as excited about their costumes but Afrodisiac and Carnival caught my eye.

But yuh know fancy website isn’t the best place to get a glimpse of the costumes, so we depend on people like Saucy to give us the unfiltered details on what is what for the Carnival. A priceless resource if you’re planning your Trini Carnival experience away from our shores.

But still be careful, Carnival Jumbie didn’t have the nicest experience with Tribe this year. Oh and make sure to check out Saucy’s tentative fete schedule, so you could plan properly.


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