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Oh dear, cute and heartbreaking animal stories have been making the news these last few days, and I just couldn’t  stop myself from sharing the most poignant with you.

Sigh, this is Gana holding the body of her infant aloft. 3-month old Baby Claudio died suddenly over the weekend, and Gana is taking it hard. And after seeing this picture, so am I.

Gana lives at a zoo in Stuggart. She won’t let zoo keepers near the corpse, so they’re yet to determine the cause of death. According to zoo  director Joerg Adler, gorillas in the wild have been known to “keep hold of a dead baby for weeks”.

The other heartbreaking animal story making the rounds this week is about a lost humpback whale calf.

The poor thing got separated from its mother, and bonded with a yacht. The 1 to 2-month old calf was seen trying to suckle the yacht in the Sydney harbour. Since feeding the calf is out of the question, its only hope would be for it to find another pod, and hopefully be reunited with its own mother or find a new one. Unfortunately the prognosis for the calf doesn’t look good.

But my final and favourite animal story is this one about dolphins!!!

Apparently wild dolphins are tail-walking on water.  Now tail-walking isn’t done in the wild. What happened here is that one of the dolphins spent some time in an marine centre recovering from some illness a few years ago. She may have witnessed some others doing the trick. Now that’s she back in the wild, not only is she doing the trick, she’s teaching it to her friends.

Aren’t dolphins cool!


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