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Yes Richard!!!

Richard Thompson won silver in the men’s 100 metres!

I’m so happy. I was really hoping for a medal and we got one. What’s so funny is that I watched the race, and didn’t even realise Thompson came second. I was convinced he was third (I know, I know).

And you seen Bolt (say it fast)! Fantastic race, I wanted an all West Indian medal count, but Asafa didn’t medal.

But for the first time since Hasley Crawford won gold in the 70s, a West Indian has taken the first prize. For a West Indian to take the second too, I ain’t lie I cry.



  Yes Richard!!! : thegameoflove wrote @

[…] Original post by youcouldbelievethis […]

  anonyjw wrote @

As a Trini, I’m happy, and as a Caribbean man, I’m damn proud!

I’m at work now, and I will definitely be putting up some more info and my thoughts on this historic race on my blog when I get home tomorrow.

Great blog! Keep up the great writing! 🙂

  anonyjw wrote @

One more thing… Today is Hasely’s birthday!

Isn’t that something? And today’s results are a reversal of the 1976 results when T&T got gold and Jamaica silver! 🙂

  youcouldbelievethis wrote @

Oh thanks for that info Anonyjw, I did not know that! What a great birthday present!.

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