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Oh dear, I’m soo late, but I only just discovered Bomani Armah’s “Read a Book” video and I loove it! It’s funny, and catchy and deals with a fact I believe to be true, that reading is fundamental.

I wouldn’t have seen Bomani’s video on BET because, if truth be told, I’ve stopped watching that channel so long ago. I get a glimpse here and there, but I’m more of a BET J girl these days. And that’s where I found out about the “Read a Book” song, video and controversy. Bomani  was the featured guest on the show “My Two Cents” (loove it) discussing the video, and the reaction it gets.

The song concept is simple, African American pop-culture is warped and promotes a set of unhealthy values to the young. So why not use that popular culture (crunk) to promote “real values”, like reading, oral-hygiene and land ownership. I think it works, the song is very catchy.

But some people don’t get the joke. They’re upset with the use of cussing in a song aimed at 13 year olds. Really? Primary school children are listening to rap and dancehall music and know the uncensored versions, word for word. They know all the bad words, AND they know how to use them effectively in a sentence. Besides, it’s satire. He’s satirizing the lack of values in Hip Hop, where they cuss like sailors. He MUST cuss for the joke to work, get it?

Well this CNN host doesn’t. Watch him lose all imparitality during the course of the interview starting with Paul Porter of Paul doesn’t have a problem with the video per se, he just doesn’t like its broadcast time. Well Tony thinks otherwise and punishes Paul for not hating the video by shutting him out of the interview until the very end. Then watch him get all hostile with the video’s creators for being able to defend their stance.

Sigh, reporters need to report. And Tony, I don’t believe you’ve watched BET recently if THIS video is so upsetting to you.


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  anonyjw wrote @

No responses to this?

*scratches head*


Thanks for writing this. I definitely haven’t watched a lot of BET (or even CNN) lately for this to escape my notice.

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