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What I Love on the WWWeb.

Here’re some of the blogs I really like right now.

Afrobella – Beauty with a conscience and intelligence! I friend of mine introduced me to this blog,  because the blog’s author is a Hilarian.  I started reading her as a natural hair resource.

Jezebel – What do you do with your degree in English or Gender Studies? Get a job with Jezebel and write really funny, smart assessments of the world of fashion, television, you know the pop-culture the stuff we women like to ingest for fun. Makes me wonder why I ever liked magazines in the first place.

Slate- Is an on-line magazine. I started reading Slate when I was working at a boring job with great Internet access. So I’m spent my day looking at girlie porn and reading on-line articles on MSN, where I found Slate. Smart, funny and interesting. I don’t read it as much as I used to, but I looove Ad Report card.

Make Fetch Happen – I just discovered this blog, about fashion and beauty. It’s great because it isn’t a cheap marketing tool of stuff I can’t afford. If you love fashion, but mourn the move from creativity to blatant capitalism. Read Brigitte’s great post about fashion magazine’s love for the colonial chic layout. It’s posts like that, that make this blog my new favourite.


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