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Of the Seven Deadly Sins: Avarice

Avarice is one of the 7 Deadly Sins! It’s one I’m especially guilty of; I am a confirmed Want Monster! I see something that tickles my fancy, and I want it more than anything. I’ll search for it online, dream about it and contrive to get it. Yet when I get it, very often it loses its appeal and I have no idea why.

OK maybe saying I’m guilty of avarice is an exaggeration, but I am a slave to material things. I kind of buy into the: I need it, I want it now, kind of BS. I could blame magazines and TV, but plenty people use media and don’t have a problem with wanting and spending. But then again, plenty do.

Being bombarded with invitations to purchase things is a fact of modern life. These days even your leisure is under attack. I love fashion magazines, or at least I used to. Now it seems when I read them they’re little more than an extended catalogue of things I can’t afford, or even aspire to. The articles are expositions on women’s issues, and apparently all we’re interested in is dieting, fashion, hair and the struggles of women who can’t afford to buy the latest “it” bag.

It seems the same thing is happening with television. I loved Sex in the City, the series, and I loved the movie too. I bet Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik couldn’t believe the boost it did for their brands’ name recognition and sales. Advertising has long used product placement in audio-visual media with good results. New TV shows are really exploiting this link, as are music videos. Campari clearly sponsored the video for Jennifer Hudson’s song “Spotlight,” there were at least 4 direct shots of the brand logo, see here. Damn this guerrilla-marketing foolishness, now every where I turn I’m receiving, “unconventional marketing intended to get maximum resources from minimal resources.”

So I’m looking at Sex in the City for fun, but after viewing I feel the need to search for the elusive Manolo Blahnik, Mary Janes. Or Marie Claire’s fashion prediction says ugly chains are back in style, and though they’d look dumb on me, I decide that I want them. Since most stores have an online presence it’s easier to shop at home, that where I discovered New York and Company had my perfect, dream shorts. Unfortunately they’re sold out and aren’t guaranteed a return (sob).

The silly thing with me though, is after I received something I’ve needed and wanted for so long, I ignore it. The trill is in the chase. Granted, when I love something truly, it’s loved to death. But I’ve also spend money on stuff I really don’t need, and pack it out-of-sight soon after purchase.

So what’s the solution? Lately I’ve been toying with limiting my television viewing. No more E!, Extra, Access Hollywood and VH1. Instead I’ll watch the news channels, Discovery, National Geographic, TLC and History. It may mean watching less television anyway, something my brain may thank me for later.

Vintage Vogue Cover

Vintage Vogue Cover

No more magazine subscriptions, I need to read the classics anyway. I used to get something from magazines, like smart, well-written articles, pictures that were as interesting as anything I’d see in a museum (of modern art, I guess).

Now it’s mostly ads promoting a set of stuff for me to lust after.

The Internet doesn’t escape, no more cruising on shopping websites for fun. Bossip, Superfical and eonline are being placed on the Don’t list. They promote things I want and can’t have. By avoiding them I won’t discover new things to want. Instead I could focus on what is it about me that I need these things to make me happy.

I’m not a big fan of Suze Orman ( I think she’s a little caustic) but maybe I’ll consider her rules-of-purchase. I’ve been trying to save 30% of my salary every month, and most times I can meet it because of my credit card and because I have no real expenses. But come September/ October that may change. But saving isn’t really my problem, it’s the spending.

Avoiding the 7 Deadly Sins is especially hard because they are the fun sins. You get to eat a lot, buy nuff stuff and give in to your emotions. So I’m not promising instant success with my avarice-treatment plan; but I haven’t been feeling to good about myself lately, and I need to get to the root cause of my unhappiness. So I think I need to get rid of the crap I’ve been hiding under to get to the truth.


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