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Tupac Syndrome?

A few days ago I wrote about the way we react to a famous person’s death. Over on The Root Jimi Izreal talks about the “Tupac Syndrome—the idea that, once an artist is wacked or meets an untimely death—like Tupac Shakur, for example– his or her body of work, and especially their last completed work, is now the greatest example of the genre in the history of mankind.”

It’s an Interesting concept; and  I tend to agree with it because criticising the dead is taboo. The reasoning given is that they no longer have the ability to defend themselves. As a result we move in the opposite direction; we “hyper-praise,” with the dead person becoming the sweetest, nicest person ever!

And the use of the Internet has changed the way we respond to death. We have increasingly public lives; and this continues even after we die, because people will log-on to social networking sites to host online wakes. When a celebrity dies the public grieving-in-the-extreme is called mourning sickness (in my opinion, a horrible pun). In those cases you can barely turn on the TV or the radio without hearing their about them, as for the Internet

I just wonder about the effects of all of this on the psyche.


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