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Faith, Hope and Charity.

I believe in volunteering. I believe it’s the right thing to do.  I also believe it is a difficult thing to do. Often it requires working hard for no pay, for people who won’t appreciate your efforts, but I still believe in volunteering.

Why? Because you’re privileged, that’s why.  You’re smart and able. Your mother was able to keep you properly nourished as a child, so you grew up to be a nice, fat and healthy adult. You can, so you should.

You can’t be a person of faith and not do charitable work. You just can’t. You can’t say you believe and your behaviour says otherwise. It doesn’t work that way.

I think though some jobs offer a 2-in-one special. Like if you’re a teacher, or work in medicine or even in law enforcement you kind of doing plenty already. You just have to give your all at work. Those jobs help the community out, and add to our quality of life. They also offer essential services, without which healthy life may be very difficult.

Having said that, I’m having commitment issues. I get all passionate and swept away in the beginning and then my interest wanes. In 2003 I joined ALTA, because I love reading and thought  it would be a good fit. The volunteer classes were OK, of course because I don’t have a car getting to classes is a problem. When I started tutoring in September of 2004, sticking to the class schedule was hard. I barely made the year, and haven’t returned as a tutor since. I do try to keep up with my membership thought because like every good NGO; funding is a problem.

Now I’m thinking of doing my Masters in Communications in the UK. That programme starts in September, that’s means I’ll be away for one year (minimum). What I want to do is try to do courses that deal with the communication issues NGOs face and make a personal commitment to serving in a more administrative capacity upon my return. At the very least I can pay up my membership for this year so I can keep informed, and they get money.

Also I’m a big blabbermouth. I’ll have to figure out how to do charitable work without broadcasting it, because I hate when people do that. I’m not saying hide what you do, but I need to work on not pimping the few good things I do for public approval.


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