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RBTT is the Worst!

Sigh, I am one of those lucky people whose mother, not only co-signed the student loan for my Bachelor’s degree, she helped me make the monthly payments on it, after I graduated. My parents had promised to fund our first degrees.

So she organised a standing order from her account to mine, to the sum of $1000.00 TTD a month to re-pay the loan. We paid off the loan last October, and she stopped the standing order the previous August. So both of us foolishly assumed the bank had conducted the transaction. Well, RBTT had other plans. The bank didn’t stop the standing order . And when, you ask, did my mother and I find this out? Well that answer, my dear friends, is today.

 I’m so flipping mad, I can barely see straight. So after spending some time for them to track down their mess, now it seems I have to re-pay my mother, money I:

  1. didn’t notice was going to my account ( yes, I know I shouldn’t do that, I need to closely monitor my bank statements).
  2. didn’t cater for. I’m saving for school, WTF am I to do now?
  3. emotionally don’t have, but is realistically going to have to hand over to maintain my self-respect and personal ethics.

How is this effing fair!?!


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