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Gay Bishop Heckled

The American Anglican Bishop Gene Robinson was heckled by a protester during a sermon at St. Mary’s Church in Putney, England on Sunday. The man told the Bishop of New Hampshire he must, “repent, repent, repent” and branded him a “heretic”. The man interrupted Bishop Robinson’s sermon forcing him to stop. The congregation started singing a hymn, while the man was escorted out the church.

The Bishop of New Hampshire, Gene Robinson is openly gay. And according to this Wikipedia entry, he has been so since the 1980s. He met his partner Mark Andrew in St. Croix and they’ve been living together since July 1988.

Bishop Robinson’s appointment as Bishop caused a rift in the Anglican Church. But Bishop Robinson thinks his critics are missing the point, and are voicing opinions not based in scripture.

The UK newspaper the Telegraph has a rather illuminating interview with the Bishop of New Hampshire which you can see here.


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