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Hi, welcome to my Goodfaith blog.  It maybe the ramblings of a struggling Catholic woman, who loves the church but has commitment issues. I just wanted to share a few articles I found on the Internet that interested me.

I was over on Slate, an online magazine I love, and read Melinda Henneberger’s article on Sally Quinn. Quinn is a former atheist exploring her spiritual leanings.  She created controversy by blogging about taking communion at the late Tim Russert’s funeral.

It made me wonder about the whole issue of religious tolerance and respect. Is it OK to be publicly irreverent about somebody’s faith? Granted I have my own bias, I do think while we’re more accepting of various spiritual and non-spiritual attitudes, but the incidents of disrespect are also increasing too.

Then last week the Vatican clarified that the Pope doesn’t wear Prada. The Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore says Pope Benedict XVI doesn’t make clothing choices based on style; his garments have a liturgical relevance. I think much of the confusion has to do with the fact that many people aren’t familiar with the church’s history. So when Pope Benedict wears the fancy “Santa Hat”, the camauro, people think, “Oooh, statement!” and not get the spiritual or historical statement he’s making.

But to help with questions on Liturgy I like the websites and To be quite honest I use the former more than the latter. But New Advent is more of an encyclopedia; has more practical suggestions for the application of the faith.


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