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I’m not a big movie goer. In fact the last time I went to the cinema was a week and a half ago to see Iron Man (watch it). Before that it was Tylor Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? (watch it, if only for the dinner revelations), and before that 300 (watch it for the abs).

But if I had to pick a genre it would be chick flicks. You know cute girl movies about young woman problems of life, career, love and fashion. The best are stylish and self deprecating. Even if the story line is crap, the cinematography, the location and of course the clothes can make a delicious visual feast.

So I wanted to list some of my favourite Chick Flicks. These are in no particular order.

  1. Simply Irresistible– The fantastic costumes stole the show, way before Sex and The City made fashion a part of the story. Sarah Michelle Gellar plays Amanda, a cook whose emotions infuse the meals she cooks. A set up similar to the Latin American novel/movie Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquival. It’s a light funny romance, and Gellar is perfectly matched with Sean Patrick Flanery’s Tom Barlett as the male lead. The duo makes such a cute couple traipsing all over a rather stylish New York.
  2. Clueless– Based on Jane Austen’s Emma, Clueless features Alicia Silverstone as the rich, spoilt Cher Horowitz. Cher is the clueless matchmaker in oh-so-shallow L.A. I loved this movie to death when it was released. It was smart and funny, you don’t believe me, read the script. It didn’t talk down to young people, and it featured the things we were interested in. And of course I loved the fashion. Not literally, but the colours, the outfits and idea of fashion as fun and an important part of the narrative helped to make this movie so great to watch. Besides, at the time Alicia Silverstone was one of my favourite actresses, so this movie was a sure bet for me.
  3. Something New-I saw the flaws from the get go. The writing was too cliched, too preachy, see this reviewer who agrees with me. It was almost an advertisement for interracial dating, but I loved it!. Sanaa Lathan is an actress who works a script. She and Simon Baker had unbelievable chemistry, thus saving the movie. I believed his attraction to her. I loved how she had to fight herself to accept him. Sigh, at any rate I love romance. I mean imagine Blair Underwood is in a movie and I’m not rooting for him to get the girl.
  4. Brown Sugar– I relate to the Hip Hop nostalgia some fans are going through. Though I’m not much of a fan myself. But it’s hard not to wonder what’s going on with the music these days. Anyway this is another movie with my new favourite actress Sanaa Lathan. She’s a music journalist struggling with her Hip Hip tabanca, and she shares her struggles with her best friend/soul mate Taye Diggs. For pure gape factor, this movie is a good bet. You have Taye Diggs AND Boris Kodjoe, that alone makes it a great movie. But the storyline is laid out in such a smart funny way, you know some choices are going to be made, seeing how was the fun. Also Mos Def as a featured role as the hope for Hip Hop. I think its about time he plays the romantic lead in a movie.
  5. Muriel’s Wedding– Muriel is chubby, loves Abba and has no self-esteem. All she wants, is to be loved. Unfortunately her low self-esteem makes it difficult for her to date anyone, so she fixates on weddings. A funny but not overly silly movie. Muriel’s Wedding doesn’t shy away from depicting mental illness and the ugly aspects of human behaviour. So what you see rings true. Wait for her gorgeous swimmer husband. The ending is happy, but it does deviate from the Hollywood formula. And yes, that’s Toni Collette as Muriel and Rachel Griffiths as her friend Rhonda.
  6. Love Actually– OMG! What’s not to love about this movie! A series of vignettes come together in one fantastic piece. All they really have in common is finding love at Christmas. But this movie stars two of my favourite actors, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. Sigh!. I love Hugh as a sexy, smitten prime minister. And Colin is wonderful finding love through a language barrier. A first rate movie with a first-rate cast.
  7. Notting Hill– I’m a shameless Hugh grant fan. I’m also very fond of Julia Roberts, so this movie couldn’t fail me. Notting Hill movie poster The premise is quite interesting, famous movie star ducks into a bookstore for a bit and meets the owner. I love how their romance grows slowly. What’s also great is this movie is that it is a love story to London, though filming seems to be pissing off the residents. She looks gorgeous in this film.
  8. Cruel Intentions– I don’t like pretty boys, but I love me some Ryan Phillippe. This movie is rich, indulgent cruelty at its best. Plus all of the young, hot, up and coming actors were featured. Sarah Michelle Gellar is stylish and vicious. Ryan’s Sabastien is cold, yet hot at the same time. You almost forgive him for being a whore. Dangerous Liasions indeed: the lovely Colin Firth stars in my favourite version of this novel, Valmont.
  9. Bend it Like Beckham– Parminder Nagra plays a good Indian girl who loves to play football. Her room is plastered with pictures of her hero, David Beckham. The “Bend it” in the title refers to his ability to curve a free kick away from the keeper into the back of the net. Jesminder wants to become a football star like her hero David, but of course her family’s having none of that. Anyway Jess is introduced to a female football team coached by the so-pretty-he’s-hot Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Her family finds out and trouble ensues. A bit cliched, but fun. Watch until the very end when Jonathan rests the sexiest kiss on Jess, just as her hero passes in the top floor of Heathrow Airport. A wonderful talisman from the football Gods.
  10. Pretty Woman– Julia Roberts and Richard Gere make such a wonderful couple even though she’s a prostitute. And you have to wonder about a man who would sleep with one, but I can’t escape this movie. Julia makes an unconventional prostitute, of course she has a heart of gold. So its obvious Richard can’t help but fall for her. Besides you were on her side when she put that snotty sales woman in her place.

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